Full speed ahead for data-driven management.

Decide now for transparency of your financial data in the course of digitalisation.

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Because investors are not only concerned about the future on Fridays.

Benefit now from the steadily increasing and worldwide interest in sustainability strategies.

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Identify resource hogs and cash cows at a glance.

With our many years of experience in the field of business intelligence and modern data management, we support you in creating a modern and data-driven business intelligence analysis.

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Before systems can communicate successfully, people need to speak the same language in terms of digitalisation.

Digitalisation does not end at software boundaries and needs to keep in mind the picture.

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About base camp

Transparency is key. That’s why base camp management consulting is your digital Partner when you are dealing with challenges in terms of transparency and management reporting as well as sustainable value creation. We are specialized in solving those challenges for Private Equity investors and their portfolio companies. 

base camp is a management-consultancy with hands-on mentality. We are not only preparing slidedecks for management and investors but we also support operatively to execute projects and initiatives, if desired.

Service Pillars

„base camp management consulting helped us achieving sustainable improvements regarding our controlling processes as well las the data structure and -quality. The processes for our corporate finance-reporting are now enabled by central state-of-the-art technology tools-sets. The management-dashboards and various operational reports enable us to have an integrated and up-to-.date view on company performance. In daily business, this Is of great value to us.“

Frederic Dervieux, Chief Executive Officer, Frostkrone Food Group

„I was very impressed by the hands-on mentality and dedication the base camp management consulting team brought to the table in supporting us creating transparency on the profitability of our business. With the aim to setup a sustainable and granular profitability analysis by products, product groups and customers base camp applied a very structured approach keeping the management team, investors and relevant key stakeholders always well informed on the progress of this initiative. Led by the finance department they have worked across various departments at Dradura ensuring efficient communication and triggering a number of process improvements providing tangible value to us in the way we make decisions going forward. The outcome of the project in our German headquarter will now be rolled-out with the help of base camp to our international locations.“ 

Peter Brauer, Chief Financial Officer, DRADURA Holding

„As a leader for NFC technologies for access, time and attendance management, we were very satisfied with the support of base camp management consulting during our exit process. With their knowledge of Performance Transparency especially in financial data, ERP systems and data models they supported us in the creation of transparent, multi-dimensional, fully automated reports to streamline our exit process. Therefore, we were able to provide clear answers to multiple stakeholders while minimizing additional overhead on our side. We would absolutely recommend base camp management consulting.“

Elmar Hartmann, Chief Executive Officer, GANTNER Electronic

„As a leading investment company in the SME market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland we have high demands on consultancy service providers. Throughout the cooperation, Base Camp Management Consulting has demonstrated the ability of consistently fulfilling these requirements to a great extent with emphasis on the consultants’ experience and know-how to respond to the specific demands in PE markets. As a financial transparency is a key part of our value creation strategy. Base Camp Management Consulting has been instrumental in providing us with efficient reporting solutions on our Portfolio companies’ performance.“

Dr. Eckard Cordes, Senior Partner, EMERAM Capital Partners

„base camp management consulting has been instrumental after our investor’s entry and with the merger of six individual companies. Through the strategic support in the value creation program set-up as well as the numerous business improvement initiatives, they created a value add for diva-e. They also proved their methodical expertise by supporting an add-on acquisition integration.“

Tilman Au, Chief Executive Officer, diva-e

„We are extremely satisfied with the cooperation with base camp management consulting. Their excellent methodical and expert know-how has been highly rewarding for our transformation. By implementing a sustainable financial transparency solution, we are now equipped with the processes and systems to make data drive management decisions as well as having an optimized controlling capability.“

Oliver Bendig, Chief Executive Officer, Matrix42 AG

„As an external project lead for a group of care companies, I was very satisfied with the support of base camp management consulting for the conception and implementation of a Business Intelligence Reporting for management and investor. Based on their expertise in the field of digital transformation and performance transparency, especially with ERP-systems, controlling and consolidation software as well as data warehouse standardization, we leveraged tools and people to generate multi-dimensional and fully automated reports within a very short time. In addition, the introduction of the BCMC 4Layer Data Warehouse Structure made the reporting more independent of the source systems. The new operational and financial steering options were highly valued by both the top-level management as well as the almost 100 care companies. Based on my experience, I can therefore highly recommend base camp management consulting.”

Christian Hempell, Externer Projektleiter Business Intelligence

Global pressure on the part of investors is driving demand for sustainable investment options

We support you in the creation of a fund-wide ESG strategy as well as a standardised and portfolio-wide ESG reporting.

ESG Strategy & Reporting