Financial Reporting

Full speed ahead for data-driven management.

Financial Reporting

One of the biggest challenges for management boards and C-level management is implementing standardised financial reporting in the company. The requirements of owners and other stakeholders change extremely rapidly, particularly in the very agile field of private equity. To be able to respond quickly and flexibly to these changes, standardised and fully-automated reporting reduces the time required for preparation, therefore freeing up more time for interpreting the KPIs and consequently enabling the option of data-driven management in an appropriate time.

Profit and Loss Statement

Our automated profit and loss account reporting for a company or a group quickly establishes transparency subject to the following circumstances:

  • Standardised profit and loss account according to verticals (entity, customer, geography) enables
  • transparency thanks to KPIs such as sales, costs and EBITDA (adj.) down to posting record level

Balance Sheet

Thanks to our automated and standardised solution, we enable a clear look at:

  • Standardised preparation of a company or consolidated balance sheet
  • KPIs such as DSO, DPO, DIO or leverage ratio, which establish sustainable insights into balance sheet accounting

Cash Flow

Cash is king - our solution provides you with a quick and transparent look at:

  • Operating, investing and financing cash flow as well as daily cash scenarios
  • Working capital analyses make controlling the company easier

Finance Dashboard

Pull instead of push - based on data-driven management, all stakeholders can obtain all of the information they need themselves:

  • All of the most important KPIs on one management dashboard
  • Management boards, investors and other stakeholders obtain a quick overview of all essential information

Dashboard Example: Financial Reporting in Microsoft Power BI