Investment Manager Reporting Platform

Satisfy limited partners' hunger for data with our solution.

Every CEO and CFO who has ever encountered a PE owner is well aware of investment managers' insatiable appetite for data. We have a digital solution for these complex reporting processes.

Monthly and quarterly reports, simple P&L reports and balance sheet analyses as well as more detailed budgets, forecasts and segment analyses, ESG and HR reporting, profitability and operational excellence, status reports on special projects – the reporting requirements of a PE owner are usually enormous.

Despite high standardisability, the processes in the majority of companies are slow, inefficient and error-prone due to excessive dependence on the human factor.

Driven by our digital consulting approach, we have an outstanding solution to this challenge. With the aid of automated processes and central data management, we provide each PE manager with individually structured performance insights on a digital platform on a daily basis.


Three fundamental conditions for satisfactory digitalised investor reporting:

Data availability on a daily basis

Daily availability of standard reports such as P&L or the balance sheet constantly provides investment managers with the fastest possible access to the latest figures.

Automated processes

Consolidation of all group companies in a single database prevents laborious data collection and preparation and frees up internal resources for challenging activities.

High data quality

The direct connection of various data sources in a single database provides reports with maximum possible data quality, because manual intervention into data evaluation is out of the question wherever it is not desired.

Financial reporting

Financial reporting is one of the most important elements of monthly portfolio management. Despite the high standardisability of the reports, many portfolio companies constantly face the challenge of delivering high-quality results on time.


P&L, balance sheet, cash flow

The three most important financial management instruments are the standard tools used by investment managers. The correct aggregation of financial data in a cross-fund data structure enables flexible evaluation of performance, both horizontally on the time axis and also vertically in the fund or company structure.

Point 2: cash & liquidity

A holistic view of the cash balance establishes security and enables greater control of the portfolio's liquidity management. Together with the integrated and automated cash forecast module, planning the liquidity of all portfolio companies is child's play.

Operating and HR reporting

Operating excellence, special projects from value creation strategies and also ESG and HR reporting are additional reporting requirements of PE investors. Often, operating procedures and reports are standardised across the portfolio so that efficiency gains are very easily achievable through digital integration.