Digital Strategy

Before systems can communicate successfully, people need to speak the same language in terms of digitalisation.

Companies can only make far-reaching decisions if they have access to the right information in the right form, in the required quality, in the right location and at the right time.

A comprehensive cross-company digital strategy is the basis for a sustainably designed system environment and, consequently, the option of extensive, data-driven analysis. To accomplish this, we regularly support our customers in standardising existing system environments, integrating new data sources and extending the system landscape with new software and functions.

Data warehouse standardisation

Based on the BCMC 4-layer data warehouse structure, existing cloud-based or on-premise data warehouse solutions are integrated and subsequently standardised.

Data integration / API

To extend the existing data warehouse structure, often driven by the desire for additional analysis options, we integrate the required data source into the data warehouse in close cooperation with our customers.

Data management

Together with our customers, we determine the existing weaknesses in data management, the automation potentials that are available and how these potentials can be implemented, also as part of digital process optimisation, at both the data warehouse and process level in the context of the BCMC data valuation framework. 

Software selection process

The software market in the areas of data warehouse, ERP systems, controlling and consolidation, human resources and reporting front end is often very untransparent and individual solutions should always be assessed in the global context of data processing. With our expertise and developed methods, we help you to make a viable and sound investment decision that gives full consideration to your requirements.