Digital Process Optimization

For increased dynamism and flexibility, we throw overloaded processes overboard.

Existing structured data are often not used to control the company or are only used inadequately. Our experience shows that this lack of use is frequently attributable to corporate processes which are not designed on the basis of standardised and structured data.
In cooperation with the respective specialist department, base camp develops sustainable processes that give consideration to the specifics of fully-automated reporting and thus ensure a higher degree of automation and efficiency.


Together with our customers, we develop financial processes that give consideration to an increased level of automation and enable corresponding efficiency gains.

  • Adaptation of reporting processes based on the implementation of full financial reporting
  • Process adaptation following the introduction or extension of the ERP system (SAP B1, proAlpha, etc.)
  • Standardisation of automated processes through the introduction or extension of consolidation and controlling software (LucaNet, CorporatePlanner, etc.)


In close coordination with the relevant stakeholders, base camp develops processes that efficiently make the additionally integrated data available to the intended recipient as required and on time, thus enabling data-driven operations controlling.

  • Adaptation of purchasing processes based on the extension of purchasing data analysis (e.g., purchasing volume analysis)
  • Updating of inventory reporting processes when inventory data are extended
  • Process integration and standardisation of automated production reporting through the extension of production data

Sales & Marketing

Process changes in the area of sales are particularly effective when the process change also goes hand-in-hand with new insights and therefore controlling options.

  • Adaptation of customer satisfaction analysis processes based on the automated integration of data from satisfaction surveys
  • Standardisation of sales activities based on the introduction of sales pipeline reporting
  • Adaptation of sales processes on extension of the key account analysis

Human Resource

Taking into consideration of data privacy regulations and efficient processing, base camp helps customers to adapt processes in the field of human resources.

  • Adaptation of payroll accounting processes based on the integration of fully-automated time logging
  • Standardisation of human resources reporting processes subsequent to the introduction of automated HR reporting