The steep route to the top can be climbed with the right base camp.

Base camp creates individual career opportunities and short decision-making paths through a professional working environment with challenging tasks and flat hierarchies. This enables fast action in an inclusive, collaborative corporate culture, while ensuring a positive climate throughout the team. Get to know our base and be a crucial part on the way up with your personal skills.

Recruiting Path

Step 1: Inbound of your application

We receive your application documents and review them.

Step 2: Telephone interview

We tell you about Base Camp - you tell us about yourself. (approx 60 min.)

Step 3: First get-together

Your personal and technical skills have convinced us.Now you can demonstrate your practical knowledge based on two use cases and then present your results (approx 90 min.)

Step 4: Second get-together

We find your expertise appropriate and your personality could also slot wonderfully into our team. In a second personal meeting at our office, we can once again put one another to the test and discuss those small but important details.


You are now a part of Base Camp.

What applicants and colleagues say about us

Humanity, inspiring personalities and a respectful team culture coupled with professionalism and interesting projects enable optimum evolution in a number of areas.

[Jardo Annus / manager]


Transparent career paths and specific (advanced) training engender great satisfaction in the team and in personal development.

[Maximilian Löffel / senior business intelligence analyst]


Our culture of open feedback and communication and our flat hierarchy enable employees to participate directly in projects and give them decision-making powers, as a result of which they are able to grow and increase their self-confidence.

[Marc Locher / senior consultant]