Business Intelligence Analysis

Identify resource hogs and cash cows at a glance.

Business intelligence analysis

With our many years of experience in the field of business intelligence and modern data management, we support you in establishing a modern and contemporary business intelligence analysis that takes financial and operational reporting to a new level. By using applications such as Microsoft Power BI, we ensure that these reports/dashboards can also be reliably adopted by the respective specialist department later on.

Together with you, we prepare initiatives for quickly and sustainably identifying red flags and establishing optimisation measures.

Cross and multi-dimensional data set

  • Standardised data structures at posting record level
  • Analysis of data in a multi-dimensional manner (according to verticals such as customers, geography, customer and product groups)

Automated data management

  • A uniform data basis even in the context of big data enables automated reports and dashboards for management and other stakeholders

Profitability analysis

  • Profitability (contribution margins I to V) according to product or customer is key in an age of rising fixed costs

Target achievement analysis

  • Modern business intelligence analysis compare financial or sales planning against actual value