Our integrated platforms help your data to find the right way.

Heterogeneous system landscapes prevent maximum benefit from being derived from existing data. Standalone solutions and complex interfaces often prevent scalable business growth and are also unnecessarily cost-intensive.

We improve your data and control basis by implementing a fully integrated platform and introducing data-driven processes as well as state-of-the-art technology.

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Project Examples:

Processual restructure of financial reporting
  • Description: When launching a Performance Transparency project, the required financial reporting processes were adapted to the much higher level of automation.
  • Used Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Pentaho Data Integration, Microsoft Power BI
Customer satisfaction measurement
  • Description: Due to high level of manual work in the context of customer satisfaction measurement, base camp integrated a RESTful API for a software company. The automated querying of customer satisfaction was then integrated within the existing reporting infrastructure.
  • Used Technologies: RESTful Services API, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Pentaho Data Integration
Legal Consolidation
  • Description: Based on newly defined inter-company processes and integrated software, base camp fully automated the elimination of inter-company profit and loss for 12 individual companies.
  • Used Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, LucaNet, Pentaho Data Integration, Microsoft Power BI


„As an external project lead for a group of care companies, I was very satisfied with the support of base camp management consulting for the conception and implementation of a Business Intelligence Reporting for management and investor. Based on their expertise in the field of digital transformation and performance transparency, especially with ERP-systems, controlling and consolidation software as well as data warehouse standardization, we leveraged tools and people to generate multi-dimensional and fully automated reports within a very short time. In addition, the introduction of the BCMC 4Layer Data Warehouse Structure made the reporting more independent of the source systems. The new operational and financial steering options were highly valued by both the top-level management as well as the almost 100 care companies. Based on my experience, I can therefore highly recommend base camp management consulting.“

Christian Hempell, Externer Projektleiter Business Intelligence

„As a leader for NFC technologies for access, time and attendance management, we were very satisfied with the support of base camp management consulting during our exit process. With their knowledge of Performance Transparency especially in financial data, ERP systems and data models they supported us in the creation of transparent, multi-dimensional, fully automated reports to streamline our exit process. Therefore, we were able to provide clear answers to multiple stakeholders while minimizing additional overhead on our side. We would absolutely recommend base camp management consulting.“

Elmar Hartmann, Chief Executive Officer, GANTNER Electronic

„base camp management consulting has been instrumental after our investor’s entry and with the merger of six individual companies. Through the strategic support in the value creation program set-up as well as the numerous business improvement initiatives, they created a value add for diva-e. They also proved their methodical expertise by supporting an add-on acquisition integration.“

Tilman Au, Chief Executive Officer, diva-e