Operational Reporting

Joint efforts only achieve success with an operational overview.

Operational Reporting

What is called operational excellence - continuous improvement of the operational organisation and processes - is one of the most essential factors for company value creation. Genuine optimisation steps (top line growth, bottom line decrease) can only be derived if operational departments have a transparent view of their activities.


  • Analysis of customer sales according to various dimensions (geography, direct versus partner sales, products and product groups)
  • Insights into all sales activities throughout the individual company's sales stages (sales pipeline)


  • Standardised, automated and constantly up-to-date production dashboards and reports enable production managers to quickly identify problem areas
  • KPIs such as OEE and FTR permit a fast overview of production


  • Dashboards and reports with the most important KPIs such as purchasing volume and maverick spend rate
  • Optimisation potentials through ABC analyses according to suppliers 

Human Resources

  • Identification of problem areas with KPIs such as fluctuation, staff growth and illness analyses
  • Automated reports for the COO

Dashboard Example: Operational Reporting in Microsoft Power BI