Corporate Development Support

With our long-term expertise, we can help you bring new portfolio companies into the fold in a short space of time.

The requirements towards a digitalized finance and accounting department at Private Equity portfolio companies are very complex nowadays. By our experience we can support management and all relevant stakeholder.

Standardisation of Heterogeneous Software Landscapes (PMI)

In the context of buy & build investment cases, base camp regularly helps to design the IT infrastructure of the purchasing company sustainably and scalably. Additional companies can therefore be integrated into the data structure of the acquiring company with a manageable level of adaptation, and data-driven control of the acquired company is possible far more quickly and efficiently.

100-Day Programme Support

If a need for action is identified in the areas of reporting and/or data warehouse infrastructure during the implementation of the 100-day value creation programme, base camp acts as the link between the private equity investor and the portfolio company to concretise necessary action areas and implement the desired value creation within the 100 days.

CFO Office Onboarding & Partnership

Thanks to its profound knowledge in the IT and finance sectors, base camp regards itself as the CFO's sparring partner in the areas of performance management, accounting and financial management transformation.